TourDe Gracetown brings together riders for the South West’s Premier social bike ride.TdG March 2015-11

Tour de Gracetown donates to the South West Coronary Care and South West Cancer Service, both of which have been newly established at St John of God Bunbury Hospital. These services provide vital health care to people living in the South West. They serve both public and private patients and the great benefit is that people don’t have the added burden of travelling to Perth to get specialist medical treatment in their time of need..”

Tour De Gracetown 2016 is proudly sponsored by signature sponsor Executive Risk SolutionsTBA15-WA-0347-Medium-Executive-Risk

Early Registration is now Open for November 2016
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The bi-annual ride (March and November) brings riders together to face the challenges of cycling through some of the most spectacular scenery the south west has to offer.

Map-profile Full TdG

110 km

Map-profile Half TdG

55 km

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Half Way Break at Rosa Brook

Early Registration is now Open for November 2016
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TDG have a new ambassador to help promote our fundraising efforts - Amberley Lobo. Come along to one of our events or training rides and meet Amberley.

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TDG Cycling Jersey by Castelli


Tour de Gracetown is well regarded as the first premier cycling touring event in the South West of Western Australia with a rich tradition now in its 11th year.

Cognisant that we are NOT a race and but instead a social community ride for charity – we will in 2016 be creating realistic average speed groups so that riders who are signing up can self-seed themselves and also invite their friends to sign up appropriately.  This will therefore require wave starts where logically we will invite the 110 km distance riders to commence first followed by the 55 km riders.

The commencement times and average speed categories are appended in the sign up section.  We are also encouraging as many groups to attend and ride in YOUR colours whilst at the same time also supporting the charity by pre-purchasing our Event Jersey that you can then use in the course of the year to continually remind the cycling community about the Tour de Gracetown.

We are equally fortunate to have great synergy partners in this year’s event namely St John of God Foundation, Telethon Adventurers and the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group.  They have together combined their expertise and experience to ensure that the ride event is for a cause – that of children suffering from cancer.

Those with GPS enabled computers can also look forward to the provision of turn by turn GPX and TCX files and we are making arrangements to ensure that the Bike Valet will be available for those wishing to do the 55 km distance and still have transportation back to Gracetown!

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 Average Speed Categories:

  • 20 to 23 km/h
  • 24 to 27 km/h
  • 28 to 30 km/h
  • 31 to 33 km/h
  • 34 km/h and above

Judging Average Speed
For the sake of planning and training – average speed should be measured over a flat course for a duration of 20 km.  Using other events where the course and terrain is different will make your average speed inaccurate.  Average speed should also be gauged per individual rider effort and not effort conducted within a bunch ride or peleton.

Speed Notation:
Please note that for traffic management reasons we require that all participants must maintain an minimum average speed of 20 km/h as the event will be formally closed within 6 hours of the start and this includes a potential 20 minute rest break along the way.  Riders who do not complete the cut off mark will be required to find their own way back to the start line as the support vehicles will need to press on to cater for the needs of the other riders.

 Participants doing the 55 km distance will have the option of riding back in an organised group format which the organisers will plan and those who nominate the transport of their bikes back by the Bike Valet must also coordinate and plan their return back to the Finish Line.

The Sag Wagon will be sweeping riders off the route once the 6 hours is up and they will be taken the nearest habitable destination on route to find their way back to the Event Finish Line.

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