TDG – October 28th 2017

Dear Participants and Event Crew,

I am pleased to provide to you the 2017 Tour de Gracetown Event Information Guides which are compulsory reading for all Participants, Event Crew and Volunteers.

This is a comprehensive document which I urge you to read in detail per our requirements of risk management and safety.

Also attached are the required GPS Maps and Maps for this event

It is the onus of all participants and event crew to comply and adhere to the guidelines and requirements of our Event permit as stipulated in this document.

Please note that for 2017 there are Safety Timing Chips to be COLLECTED PRIOR to the event and there are no provisions for postage.

The procedure for collection is as follows:

Safety Timing Chip Collection
You HAVE already nominated to collect your timing chip on one of the following days and note that collection CANNOT take place outside of these times as the location is a busy Sports Medicine practise.


APPLECROSS, TEL: 08-93648626

 Those who have also purchased merchandise for TDG are required to collect their merchandise at the same location.

The following are the designated collection dates:

  • Friday 20th Oct 2017 Time:  1 pm to 630 pm
  • Monday 23rd Oct 2017 Time: 2 pm to 700 pm
  • Wednesday 25th Oct 2017 Time: 730 am to 630 pm

There will be no provision for Timing Chip collection outside of these times and NOT at the start point on Saturday as it will be too time consuming for the volunteers and participants.  You can nominate others to collect on their behalf BUT you MUST provide them with proof of  your registration for them to do so on your behalf.

TDG 2017 comes also with a lot of value added benefits to thank you for your support.

  1. The first is our merchandise store sale which has already been sent to those who had registered earlier.  With discounts ranging from 20% to 40% off RRP – this was definitely a value add to your registration which many have taken advantage of.

The last day for the merchandise sale is on the 7th Oct 2017 and if you missed out on the earlier purchase link – it is here:

  1. Heart Rate Assessments

We are providing for participants the opportunity to have their Heart Rate properly assessed by the Sports Medicine team at Perth Integrated Health.  From now to the 25th Oct 2017, registered participants who call up the clinic on 92405266 or 93648626 can book in and pay for this assessment at a discounted rate of $150 as opposed to the normal rate of $200.  You will need to also bring your REGISTRATION PAPERS on the day of the assessment to ensure that the fee stipulated remains at $150.  All assessments must be done by the 25th Oct 2017 for this special and you can nominate either Balcatta (on the Watt Bike) or Applecross (on the Treadmill) for this assessment.

  1. Polar OH 1 Heart Rate Monitors

Perth Integrated Health’s Sports Medicine team will sponsor TWO OH1 Polar HR monitors valued at $119 each as Lucky Draw prizes for this event.  You will NEED to be at the completion of the event at Gracetown Hall to qualify for this Lucky Draw prize.  Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Learn more about the Polar OH 1 HR monitor and other Polar devices with the attached document.

  1. FILA Australia – Watertown Store

All registered participants from now to the 25th Oct 2017 will receive AFTER the event a 60% OFF RRP shopping coupon for themselves at the FILA Watertown Store.  Imagine 60% off RRP on all new season merchandise and feet wear including children’s clothing as well !

  1. Acquest Financial Services

Thanks to Walter Bonnet we have the Rotray Club of Belmont as our corporate sponsors for 2017.  Walter has extended his generosity by offering ALL participants a complimentary Financial Health check for the month of Oct 2017.  Please contact him directly via email:  Walter Bonnet   He is also the appointed Event Manager for the 2017 Tour de Gracetown !

Social Media
Please FOLLOW the developments of Tour de Gracetown leading to the event and afterwards for photos here:

Registrations remain OPEN till Friday the 27th Oct 2017.  All who register AFTER the 25th Oct 2017 will be subject to a Late Registration Fee of $30. On-day registration is also LIMITED especially with Timing Chips to between 6 am to 630 am and also Late Registration Fee will apply.

To avoid disappointment please ask your friends and team mates to register now here:

Listed below are various guides, information packs and bike computer maps to assist riders (and spectators) for the upcoming October TDG.

Information Sheets:

Bike Computer Files