TDG – March 19th 2016

The next Tour De Gracetown will be held on
Saturday 19th March 2016.


EARLY BIRD – available till the 30th January 2016 

  •  Under 18′s – 55 km and 110 km – $35
  •  Over 18′s –  55 km – $50
  •  Over 18′s –  110 km – $88

Register Here:  Registration

Normal Rates from the 31st January 2016

  • Under 18′s – 55 km and 110 km – $45
  • Over 18′s –  55 km – $75
  • Over 18′s –  110 km – $100

Early Birds Benefit from Taggisar ICE Stickers!

All those who sign up for TDG 19th March 2016 during the Early Bird phase which goes on from now to the 30th Jan 2016 will receive a complimentary Taggisar ICE Sticker for emergency notifications and medical alerts valued at $9.95.

It comes as a Dual -Pack and can be used not only on helmets but for any other sport that requires some form of urgent medication notification or identification of next of kin.  An excellent safety system also for all children.

You register your Taggisar stickers uniquely via the website in Sweden and your details are stored in the QR code which can be easily sourced by medical or emergency personnel in the time of need.

Each participant will receive their Taggisar ICE sticker in a dual pack within 1 week of their early bird registration for Tour de Gracetown on the 19th March 2016.

To purchase additional Taggisar ICE stickers which make excellent Christmas presents please do so via their on-line store here noting that postage is FREE for the festive season:

Purchase Taggisar ICE Stickers here

Register now for TourDeGracetown March 2016 


ERS - Tour De Gracetown – Saturday 19th March 2016

Tour de Gracetown donates to the South West Coronary Care and South West Cancer Service, both of which have been newly established at St John of God Bunbury Hospital. These services provide vital health care to people living in the South West. They serve both public and private patients and the great benefit is that people don’t have the added burden of travelling to Perth to get specialist medical treatment in their time of need.

This year plans are in full swing for its 1st 2016 event. It’s time we ask our friends of TDG to commit to the event on the 19th March 2016 to show their support in what we hope will be our largest event ever!

Please feel free to pass this e-newsletter to your friends so that they can plan ahead and organise their tickets via:

Major Sponsor – Executive Risk Solutions:


The Route Maps:

We have enclosed the route map once again just to highlight the following:

  • Start –End 110 km is Gracetown
  • Start – End 55 km is Gracetown to Rosa Brook – with transport options from the Bike Valet for 2016
  • Staggered start times from 7 am on-wards depending on self-nominated average speeds
  • Mid Way Point for 110 km is also Rosa Brook with TWO mid way start times 9:30 am and 10 am respectively.
  • Cut off point for half way mark for event (55/110 km) is 9:55 am
  • Cut off point for Whole Event for 110 km is 12:30 pm
  • Formal festivities afterwards at Cheeky Monkey – more details below.

Long Distance 110 km: with the cumulative climbs and general route.

Shorter Distance 55 km: with cumulative climbs and general route.

Bike Valet Services:

Bike Valet have been contracted to provide the following services for TDG:

  1. Transport from Rosa Brook to Gracetown for up to 45 riders doing 55 km event.
  2. There will be a nominal fee of $15 for this service as this will also require the hiring of coaches / commuter buses depending on the level of sign up.
  3. To secure your booking with Bike Valet for the 55 km distance return please email: Bike Valet at:
  4. Provide transport for participants wishing to haul their bikes from Perth to Gracetown to Perth.

This service will be particularly good for participants who have limited carrying capacities in their vehicles or who are also carrying family members and other equipment.
Also suitable for those who wish to travel through the South West and sight-see on the Sunday and not worry about the security of their bikes.
Please make direct arrangement with Bike Valet via the above email as they have designated pick up zones in the Perth CBD at any given day for this service. The cost of this service from Perth to Gracetown is quoted as $40 one way.
Please read the comprehensive services afforded by Bike Valet (Bike Valet Services).

Before and After Celebrations:
The TDG crew are in the process of organising  POST ride event – More details will be released once finalised.

In 2016 we have also updated our technology – we will be providing every registered participant with the following electronically as part of our commitment towards safety and traffic management:

  1. GPX / TCX file on the selected route
  2. Emergency contact list
  3. Directional Cue Sheet
  4. E-maps

Once registered you will commence receiving information from the beginning of March 2016 when the event logistics have been finalised.

Ride Format:
We recognise that riders prefer to ride at a speed which they are comfortable with – with their friends. To that extent we have created average speed categories that you choose yourself at time of registration.
We do remind you to inform your friends of your chosen category so that those riding with you can also do the same for the safety and well being of all involved.
Each ride category will leave Gracetown at a specific time with what we call “Wave Starts” and each group will have its own designated Safety Vehicle in front and Support Vehicle at the back of the peloton.

Coffee Van Services:

Café 2 U Kenwick Maddington have been appointed as the official Coffee Van providers for Tour de Gracetown in 2016. We have Andy and Mandy Lynch who are themselves avid cyclists who will be present to support our Event.
Their location:

  • Start - Gracetown Hall from 5:45 am to 7:15 am
  • Mid Way - Rosa Glen from 8:30 am to 10:00 am
  • End – Gracetown Hall from 11:00 am to end of proceedings

Nutrition & Hydration:

Enervit Nutrition and Hydration will be present on the Saturday as well as in the morning of the Event for those who need to purchase Enervit products. Part proceeds of all sales will be donated back to Tour De Gracetown and they will also be supplying the Hydration as sponsor at the start and the mid-way point of the event.
There will be Special Enervit pre-event sales in 2016 leading to our events with proceeds going to Tour de Gracetown and this will be available to all registered participants.
Enervit Nutrition and Hydration is direct from Italy and the WA Agency has been proactive in securing representation of its products in many bike events in 2016 especially with its pedigree including the UWCT World, Italian Masters championships, Pinarello Gran Fondo and the Dolomites Marathon.

Spreading the Word:

With March 2016 fast approaching – its NOW time to get your friends and teams into action and help us spread our Mission of charity and assisting the St John of God Foundation and Telethon Adventurers via:

  1. Website:
  2. Facebook :

Further Information:

If you can be of assistance and can contribute to TDG 2016 or are simply wanting to register participation of your team / bunch please do so via the following communication channels:


Event Management:

See website for details:



Keep an eye on our website for details or join our subscription list to be notified when event details are updated.